Grants & Funding

The types of funding available are many and varied and often it is difficult to know exactly which ones are most suitable for your organisation and which will best meet your project needs. It is also only too easy to waste much valuable time pursuing the wrong target.

At Border Consultants we can provide advice on the myriad of grant funding opportunities that exist to ensure that such funding meets your individual aims and objectives, providing a uniquely tailored and client-focussed service.

We can help with the complexities, bureaucracy and time required in preparing applications which often prevents organisations applying for and gaining the grant funding to which they are entitled, in many instances these are the very organisations most in need and those being targetted by the funding provider. We can provide the experience needed tp prepare grant funding applications to the highest standard, thereby maximising the chances of success.

Importantly, through our membership of MCCR & Associates we access grant-funded consultancy support for manufacturing businesses, releasing up to 50% funding for approved projects.

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