Hardware and Software Evaluation

How do you relate today’s technology to your business?

Can technology alone give you that competitive edge?

Should you be doing and spending more than you are on upgrading old systems or introducing new ones?

If so, which systems?

Technology and systems bombard business with a continuous supply of new and often expensive ideas. It is easy to believe your business is lagging behind.

But that is often untrue, and a realistic assessment of your business systems requirements can give you the confidence to invest wisely.

We understand the IT economics to be applied in the process of negotiating for hardware and software products and services. We can carry out market searches for new product/service initiatives, including competitor and or competitive product research and IT solution evaluation. We can audit vendor methods and procedures to ensure they are delivering competitively priced, industry-leading products and services. Effective management of suppliers requires diligence and product understanding if delivery is to meet specification, quality and schedule requirements

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